April 18, 2014

About CutYourSim IMEI 4.11.08 Unlock And Other Unlocking Solutions Available In Market


Couple of days ago we reported that famous CutYourSIM IMEI unlock service has started taking orders for IMEI unlocking of AT&T locked iPhones. The service got huge response from those who were locked on iPhone4′s baseband 4.11.08, the traffic went so high that CutYourSIM’s web host cancelled their account. A lot of people started calling it a fake service because of account cancellation message which was displayed on their homepage right after they announced this service. Before diving in further details let me give you a fine reason why this happened and why so many people were unable to access the site for 48 hours. Some web hosts has bandwidth limit in place and when so many people accessed that domain in a very short period they exceeded their allocated bandwidth and the hosting company had to cancel their account. CutYourSIM team swiftly moved their site to a new host and which took a little more time than expected and some people were still being redirected to their old (Account Suspended) home page for more than 48 hours, so there’s that. Our inbox was flooded with with questions regarding IMEI unlock for iPhone 4 locked on 4.11.08, we’ve picked up some common questions and we will answer them in this post. We’ve already answered one question above that “Why their account got suspended?” here are some freaquently asked questions regarding CutYourSIM remote IMEI unlocking service.

Is CutYourSIM remote IMEI unlocking service FAKE?

It’s natural to question an unlocking solution which is charging a lot of money ($184) and not giving you any guarantee for unlocking your iPhone, be it locked on 4.11.08 or any other baseband. CutYourSim is not a new service in market, for most of you it’s new but they’ve been in this game from couple of years, they also introduced AT&T IMEI remote unlocking in 2010 which was later extended to almost every carrier in the world and with positive results. So YES they are credible and they’ve been doing this from quite some time now.

Why they’re charging so much for an unlock ?

Personally I side with our readers on this one, this service is charging too much for an unlock but if you look at it from their perspective it’s not more than what AT&T charges and ANYONE can unlock their iPhone, be it iPhone 4 locked on 4.11.08, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or even iPhone 4S. A lot of things are at stake when such (IMEI factory unlock) window opens. So from their perspective it’s not that much.

Why Remote IMEI unlocking takes 5-15 days and how this works?

This is an unofficial official unlocking service, AT&T don’t unlock their iPhones in any case (there are some exceptions). So how are they doing it. First I will summarize how this unlocking actually works: Apple keeps a “whitelist” in their database which contains IMEI numbers of  factory unlocked devices. iPhones which are tied in contract are not included in that list, if you manage to get your iPhone’s IMEI number in that list your iPhone would be factory unlocked as soon as you restore/connect it to iTunes. This is how IMEI unlocking works now coming to “5-15 days” time span, by now you must get the idea that this unlocking is impossible until or unless you know someone from the “inside”. I believe it’s easy to collect several IMEIs and put them in Apple’s whitelist at once rather than entering them one by one as you request an unlock via this service.

Why don’t you recommend other IMEI unlock services which are offering unlock on lower price?

We won’t because they’re not credible. CutYourSIM has a good track record in IMEI unlocking but other service which are now floating on web (eBay,blogspot,other blogs) are new. The price is so high that we can’t risk recommending it to anyone. You now know how this unlocking works, you can now judge yourself that not everyone (who claims) can factory unlock your iPhone.

Is this a permanent unlock? 

Yes, this is a permanent unlocking solution and your iPhone will be factory unlock. You can update to any iOS firmware without worrying about the baseband. BUT we still recommend preserving your baseband.

I’m not living in US but my iPhone is locked to AT&T can I get remote IMEI unlock? 

Yes, it doesn’t matter where you’re living right now, the thing which does matter in this unlocking is parent carrier of your iPhone. If your iPhone is locked to AT&T you can avail this service from anywhere in the world.

I hope this post answers most of the questions but if you want to know more or ask anything about 4.11.08 unlock or IMEI unlocking  feel free to leave a comment below.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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