April 21, 2014

SoundID Introduces SIX Bluetooth Headset With Built In Siri Access


This is even better, accessing Siri right from your Bluetooth headset won’t be a problem now. SoundID has introduced their SIX carbon series Bluetooth headsets with built-in Siri access.

Compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones (2.0 and higher), Sound ID SIX Premium Bluetooth® Headsets combine the best industry features into one sleek and powerful headset, plus the refined sound quality you’ve come to expect from Sound ID.

With touch sensitive volume control, easy one button functionality, 3X NoiseNavigation with advanced wind protection, and even more customization available with EarPrint™ App, the Sound ID SIX is truly revolutionary—the most personalized premium Bluetooth® headset ever.

SoundID SIX looks sexier with carbon all over it’s body. All the features from SoundID 510 are ported in this all new SIX carbon series and their are some additional features as well but we’ll get to them later.

 Let’s discuss Siri first, Siri is a sophisticated artificial intelligent voice recognition system which was introduced as major feature feature in Apple iPhone 4S. It’s a pretty useful personal voice assistant which allows you to accomplish daily tasks conveniently. You can just tell Siri what do you what and that’s it, Siri will look it out for you. You can arrange your meeting reorganize your calender put reminders, call people, and a lot of other cool stuff.

You can access Siri by pressing and holding your home button on your iPhone 4S or pressing and holding a button on your handsfree which ships with iPhone 4S. But users can now access Siri with any cords, yes with SoundID SIX your can access Siri right from your Bluetooth headset. Well there’s no dedicated button for Siri but it can be accessed with SIX’s Voice Menu feature.

SoudID SIX comes with features like:

EarPrint™ 3.0 App

Personalize sound settings with a tap of a finger and create your own hands-free Voice Menu.

Pass Thru Mode

Amplifies your surrounding environment between calls with Personal Sound.

3X NoiseNavigation

Three microphones eliminate intrusive wind and unwanted background noise.

Caller ID/Voice Prompts

Voice prompts give status and connection updates and identify incoming calls from your favorites.

All Day Comfort

RealComfort™ EarLoops fit all ears (S, M, L).

Voice Menu

Touch to activate 5 favorite features, like Voicemail, Last Number Redial, or Auto Dial. Can edit menu speed.

Active Connect

Connect any 2 Bluetooth® devices (mobile phones, tablets or PCs) for music and video.

Micro USB

Charge headset & upgrade firmware with micro USB connection.

Smart Touch Sensor

Control volume, mute, voicemail, voice dial, auto-dial favorite numbers and more with a touch.


SMS speech texting allows for an easy hands-free alternative to calling (Android devices only).
SoundIS SIX is available now for $130.
We didn’t get our hands-on this amazing new device but the company does provide some quality products. We’re really excited about testing Siri on Bluetooth devices. We will post a complete review on it as soon as we get one in our hands.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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