April 24, 2014

Apple Moves Away From Samsung, New Memory Suppliers Would Be From Japan


Digitimes is reporting that Apple is moving away from Samsung and shifting it’s memory (DRAM and NAND) orders to Samsung’s competitor supplier based in Japan. Remember that Samsung was Apple’s  one of the TOP vendor with contracts valuing over $7.8 billion in early 2011.

According to market sources:

Apple has moved to reduce its reliance on memory supplies from Samsung Electronics, the sources claimed. The vendor has procured more NAND flash parts from Toshiba, and mobile RAM from Elpida, the sources indicated.

The report also claims that Toshiba and Elpida Memory are being pinpointed as beneficiaries of the increased procurement. These two companies are Samsung’s core competitors in this field. Samsung was the biggest Apple supplier for A5 processor which is currently being used in Apple iPad 2 and hopefully same A5 chip would be introduced in Apple upcoming iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

This is not the only “Anti-Samsung” move made by Apple lately. Apple has also changed it’s supplier for next-gen A6 processors from upcoming iOS devices in 2012. TSMC has started working Apple’s huge order for A6 processors which should be out in market as early as March 2012. A6 processor would be used in Apple’s iPad 3 and iPhone 6. News about Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 are coming in quickly so it is expected that Apple would be releasing it in early 2012.

From past couple of months Apple and Samsung have been in a really bitter relationship. Both companies have sued each other on multiple levels, Apple’s iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy series patent lawsuit is the most prominent one. One German court has also ruled in the favor of Apple and banned sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Germany.

Anyhow this move by Apple will definitely hit Samsung where it hurts the most.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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