April 20, 2014

Apple To Introduce Thinner 13 Inch And 15 Inch MacBook Pros In April ?


From 2011 a lot of Apple pundits have been saying and reporting that Apple would radically change their product lineup in 2012 including their Macs. We also heard some reports from supply chain sources that Apple is planning to launch thinner MacBook Pros and a possible 15 inch version of MacBook Air. Now a recent report from Digitimes claims that Apple is planning to launch thinner MacBook Pros as soon as April. According to the report these new MacBook Pros would be offered in 13 inch and 15 inch version initially and a 17 inch version would be launched later on. Apple rolled out 2008 unibody MacBook Pros in asimilar way so it won’t be the first time.

According to the report:

Apple is expected to launch new MacBook Pro notebooks with an even thinner and lighter design than existing models in April, at the soonest. When paired with the company’s upcoming Mountain Lion operating system as well as Apple’s MacBook Air models, the product lines are expected to create a significant threat against notebook players’ ultrabooks, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The report also claimed that Apple would order just under one million of these upgraded MacBook Pros in order to meet demand right after its launch in April

Apple is expected to launch upgraded 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros in April with initial shipments estimated to reach 900,000 units.

The competition in Ultrabook market has gone up significantly in past two year, these upgraded MacBook Pros with Apple upcoming OS X Mountain Lion are definitely going change the game in market. There’s nothing confirmed about Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors.

According to this report:

Since Intel is delaying the mass supply of its Ivy Bridge CPUs from April to June, notebook vendors are concerned about that the postponed launch schedules of their ultrabooks,

Apple enjoys a really close relationship with Intel and there is a possibility that Apple may get their hands on Intel’s upcoming low power consuming Ivy Bridge processors before other ultrabook manufacturers. If the reports are true than we can see Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors in Apple’s upcoming thinner MacBook Pros.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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