April 20, 2014

Facebook To Introduce Video Chat Feature For iOS And Android ?

Facebook Mobile Video Chat

Earlier today Facebook launched their new Facebook Messenger for iPhone iPod Touch and Android devices. The app is really good and brings some much needed features but at the back it also hides some really strange things or let’s say “Facebook Secrets”. After 9to5Mac reported about these strange images in Facebook Messenger iOS app, i looked for them in Android app and Viola they were present in Android app as well.

These images present in the app suggests that Facebook may introduce Video Chat or Video Calling feature for both iPhone and Android devices. There were two different images “admin_missed_call.png” and “admin_video_call.png” well i have just one question: What are they doing here? There’s no video call support in this app. Facebook didn’t mention that they’re planning to introduce video call support for iOS and Android user, well i guess now we’re little aware of their plans.

These images can be found in both iOS and Android Applications. Facebook introduced Video Calling feature in collaboration with Skype but it’s limited to desktop only. So these images can be a hint of Facebook’s upcoming Mobile Video calling feature. Facebook has a history of being clumsy in hiding their unreleased products. Facebook for iPad App was also found hidden inside Facebook for iPhone Application and with minor tweaking use were able to access unreleased Official Facebook For iPad App. If we go a little back in time a lot Facebook’s secret projects got leaked which included a dedicated Photo Sharing app for iPhone by the name of “WithPeople” or “Hover Town”. At that time people were question that why would Facebook release a standalone app for photo sharing? With the release of Standalone Facebook Messenger i think we got our answer and soon we may see dedicated photo sharing app for iPhone out in App Store.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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