April 18, 2014

Here's How An Old iPhone Is Assembled With New Parts, Packed Again And Sold As New One


We all love iOS devices and millions of iOS devices are sold every month. We always wanted to see how an iOS device is manufactured, a secretive company like Apple won’t let anyone watch the complete process but Apple did allow a TV channel to record a complete documentary on how these beautiful devices are manufactured. But have you ever scene an iOS device manufactured from remains of an old iOS device. Today we will show you how an old iPhone 4 is built piece by piece all over again for selling purpose. Remember that this is not an official way of assembling an iOS device but these devices circulate in Asian and American markets so you should be aware of such somewhat second hand iPhones.

This process is pretty simple, assemblers first take an old/broken iPhone 4/4S and then replace their touch screen, internal rib cage and back panel. IMEI number is engraved on every iPhone’s SIM and it wears out after a lot of usage so assembler either use a new SIM try which has absolutely no IMEI number but if you want to get IMEI number engraved they can do it for $4-5 but prices vary from time to time. The number are not legit at all.  

Here’s an iPhone 4 assembly process after which it will be sold as fresh “never opened” iPhone 4. Old or broken iPhone 4 is disassembled into pieces and its internals are taken apart.

The next process is adding following three new components which we also mentioned above:

  • Touch Screen
  • Internal Steel Frame
  • Back Panel
New iPhone 4 Components

Here’s comes the assembler, he now puts logic board and other internals taken from old iPhone 4 to new Steel Frame. All external buttons are also replaced with new ones. At this point the skeleton of iPhone is complete. There are just two components left in this assembly process, front and back panels. Both these components go in place and viola your new iPhone 4 is complete. To be honest it really looks brand new because nobody is ever going to open it and check whether it was assembled in Apple’s Shenzhen Assembly line or a local mobile repair shop.

iPhone 4 Assembly iPhone 4 Assembly iPhone 4 Assembly iPhone 4 Assembly


Here’s comes the tricky part — packaging. iPhone 4 is then packed in original Apple packaging and it is sealed by a heater which is often used to seal important documents. At this point the phone is complete and ready to be shipped in local and international markets.

iPhone 4 Assembly iPhone 4 Assembly iPhone 4 Assembly

The process almost similar for all generations of iPhones, but a bigger question here would be: how can you avoid such second hand rebuilt iPhones? There are some basic steps which you can perform to check whether your iPhone is original and factory assembled or not. 1) match IMEI number of your iOS device with the box it came with. IMEI number of your device is also located on the back of your iPhone’s box (bottom left corner). 2) You should be the one to activate your iPhone, if your iPhone is already activated then it’s not a new iPhone. 3) You can check the SIM tray but it is highly likely that it would be carrying same IMEI and Serial number as your iPhone.

Now you know that not all iPhones available in market are new. So, we recommend you to stay away from such devices.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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