April 17, 2014

How To Check If An iPhone 4S Is CDMA or GSM


iPhone 4S was unveiled last year, though there were no change in it’s overall form factor but Apple changed it a lot from the inside. Before iPhone 4S was released it was dubbed as “Global Phone”, technically speaking iPhone 4S uses Qualcomm’s CDMA/GSM chip which was previously introduced in iPhone 4 CDMA version. This new chip supports both GSM and CDMA network in one phone well it did save Apple from spending more on production of multiple variants of iPhone 4S but created a lot of confusion. Both iPhone 4S model (CDMA and GSM)  look alike and there’s no difference between them, no one can just pick an iPhone 4S and guess whether it’s a CDMA model or GSM model.

So how can you check whether your iPhone 4S is a CDMA model or GSM model? Well it’s really simple but before we get to that we will tell why would you want to know this at all. If you’re new to iPhone universe then you should know that there are two categories, 1) iPhones which are factory unlocked and 2) iPhones which are tied in carrier contract. Those who have a carrier tied iPhone 4S  can’t use it one other networks because their phone are locked for one carrier only. But there are people who want use their carrier locked iPhone 4S on other networks but they can’t until they have an unlocking solution.

If you’ve missed some sizzling hot iPhone 4S unlock news last week then you should know that Gevey released an unlocking solution for iPhone 4S. Though there are other iPhone 4S unlocking solutions available in the market but Gevey’s unlock method is the easiest one available to date. A lot of people started buying carrier locked iPhone 4S when they heard that an unlock solution is available. Now here comes the tricky part, Gevey’s Ultra SIM S only works on GSM iPhone 4S models. Verizon and Sprint’s locked iPhone 4S are available for sale in market but they can’t be unlocked. So if somebody tries to sell you CDMA version of iPhone 4S and tells you that you can unlock it with Gevey SIM well he’s lying and you won’t be able to unlock it.

There are tricky ways to connect your iPhone 4S to computer via computer and use blah blah softwares to check your iPhone’s model but what if you’re dealing in a shop or online or somewhere you don’t have computer/internet access.

If you’re in U.S or even outside U.S trying to buy an iPhone 4S you should know that CDMA iPhone 4S units have a unique IMEI number which you can check from Settings>General>About. In this case (Verizon & Sprint)  if your IMEI starts with 99************* then it’s a  CDMA iPhone 4S and if start with 01 or something else then it’s a GSM iPhone 4S

Remember that CDMA iPhone 4S’ unlock is in progress but we don’t have a launch ETA so you should be aware of the current situation. DO NOT buy a CDMA iPhone 4S right know if you’re thinking to unlock it.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned.

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