April 18, 2014

How To Check Original Carrier, Warranty, And More Information About Your iPhone


iPhone was launched back in 2007 and changed the whole mobile industry. Now there are millions and millions of iPhones out there in market, some people buy new iPhone and some people buy used iPhones. Of course if you buy a new iPhone you must be familiar with information like official carrier, warranty period, activation date and much more but the problem is that there’s no official way to check such information on used iPhone which you bought from eBay or a market nearby. Before I get jump into further details let me tell you why this information is necessary. If you buy a used iPhone and you want to claim warranty but you don’t know if it’s still valid or not, how can you check it? In case you want to unlock your iPhone from it’s official carrier and you want to know which carrier your iPhone is locked to, you can’t just pick up your iPhone and get such information. But there is a way to know everything about your iPhone.

There is a third part tool which allows you to check every single detail about your iPhone right on your desktop. Though we don’t recommend using third party software but this one is for educational purpose only. iTools is small but handy third party software which tells you everything about your iPhone, by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Just to give you a little idea here’s some information which iTools can provide you:

  • Whether your iPhone is Jailbreaked or not
  • Whether it’s still under warranty or not
  • When was it activated
  • When was your iPhone bought
  • Which region/country it belongs to
  • Serial number
  • IMEI number
  • Original carrier
  • Your iPhone’s model
  • Your iPhone’s color
  • And what not

There are other features of iTools which can be really useful like SSH, iTunes like syncing, App syncing but we don’t recommend them. Just stick to the purpose and check your iPhone’s original carrier/warranty information. Here’s how you can check your carrier using iTools:

Step 1: Download iTools from here

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable

Step 3: Run iTools and wait for it to detect your iOS device

Step 4: After detecting your iPhone iTools will take you to its home screen where you will see general information regarding your iPhone (like warranty and it’s jailbreak status)

Step 5: If you want to check your original carrier and more information click “View Details” under Apple logo. You will see a very long list packed with information regarding your iPhone or any other iOS device.

Step 6: Scroll down and you will see “Operator” this is your iPhone’s original carrier.

If you don’t see your operator (original carrier) keep iTools running and disconnect your iPhone, reconnect it again and then check it.

That was it folks, I hope this guide will help you guys. Again, we don’t recommend third party tools but a lot people requested it. If you want us to write a guide just shoot us an email at guides@howtoarena.com. 

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