April 21, 2014

i4Siri, A "Claimed" Legal Siri Port For iPhone 4 In Works


A team of two hackers Adrew and Alex are working on bringing Siri to older iOS device (i4Siri), we know that there are lots of Siri Ports floating around the webs and some Cydia packages too but i4Siri is something refined. These two developers aim to provide something different then other Siri ports, Alex and Adrew claim that their Siri Port for iPhone 4 and other older iOS devices would be completely legal. Ok, that’s believable and it’s actually good for “experimenting” purposes.

Apple released a minor update for iOS 5.0.1 (only for iPhone 4S) and interestingly Apple let their filesystem wide open for normal (of course you have to decrypt it ) access. MuscleNerd of iPhone-Dev teams announced that iOS 5.0.1 (iPhone 4S update) will make legal Siri port achievable. Alex and Adrew claim that they will write a program which will automatically extract Siri files from that iOS 5.0.1 update and install them on your iPhone 4 or other older iOS devices along with Siri GUI. The team also did a little demo video of their port working fine on iPhone 4 and glitchy on iPod Touch 4G.

Here’s the demo:

The project i4Siri generally is supposed to port siri to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Specifically we are looking to make a similar server like apple’s that runs and processes siri dictations just like apple exempt ours will NOT log personal data and it will not require regeneration of 4S keys every 24 hours.

As for the legality of out Siri port:

We are hoping to be able to make the install of this Siri port as easy as possible. It is going to be as easy as possible but also legal. Meaning we are planning writing a program that will extract the Siri files from 5.0.1 firmware and install them on your device. This will be an automated process. We hope to be able to have this for windows and mac but mac will be first. Part of it WILL be downloaded via Cydia.

It is illegal to distribute the siri files but if we download apple’s firmware and decrypt the files it is 100% legal. We hope to be able to bring a fully functional and legal port for all. This is the ultimate goal.

This i4Siri port promises to give its users a complete Siri experience and it may eventually start working on your iPhone 4 or other iOS devices. But a bigger question here is; Should you use it ? Well that’s a big NO from my side, no matter what, this is still not a 100% Siri port. Yes, it works like Siri, it looks like Siri but no it’s not a 100% complete port. Again, a private server would be handling your iPhone or any other iOS device running i4Siri. Though Alex and Adrew claim that i4Siri will NOT save your iOS device’s personal data but a risk a still there.

Secondly, there’s no guarantee that this service will stay up all the time. As it relies on private Siri Proxy server so there’s a thick chance of down times.

Coming to the most important point, i4Siri port will replace your dyld_cache. Without going into technical details, dyld_cache file is necessary for an untethered jailbreak. If you try to uninstall any Siri port including this i4Siri port it will also delete dyld_cache file which is harmful for your iOS device’s filesystem. Simply put, you will face serious issues while jailbeaking your iOS device untethered on iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1.

In my opinion this is a very refined Siri port but this should only be used for “educational” and “experimenting” purpose only.

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