April 24, 2014

iOS 5 Full Features, Review And Hands-On Video

Apple previewed next-generation of iOS (iOS 5) earlier today at WWDC 2011. New iOS 5 is a killer i must say i has got everything you always wanted in iOS. This New version includes a brand-new notifications system, and system-wide social integration.

Here are the new features of iOS 5 in detail:

Notifications Center:
Apple has totally changed the way notification worked in previous versions of iOS, now this totally revamped notification which is more like Peter Hajas’ notification model, unobtrusively displays all notifications at the top of the screen, even during games, and on the Lock Screen. You can just slide them and see all your missed calls, emails, unread messages and push notification from your apps. You can also remove them permanently by tapping  “X” displayed right next to them.


Well i cannot say we didn’t need this feature as most of us always forget things, so Apple introduced a reminder system for you. “Reminders” allows users to set different reminders for different times of the day, and different places. With geolocation support present in devices, you can now configure Reminders to pop up a notification at a certain time and at a certain place, and even sync across devices using iCal.

All New Safari Experience:

More than 90% of mobile web-browsing is done by using Safari browser in America so Apple also revamped their Safari Experience for a lot of internet user across America. The iOS browser now looks a lot more like its desktop counterpart, with a few extra features of its own. Tabbed browsing now looks identical to the way it looks on the Windows and Mac versions, with tabs displayed across the top, at least on the iPad.

Deep Twitter Integration:

We’ve told you about deep twitter integration with iOS in the past and Apple just showed how deep it is. Twitter in iOS 5 is integrated system-wide you only have to log in for one one time and just forget about logging in again and again for every app. Twitter in iOS 5 is also integrated with apps, for example you can now take a picture using your camera app and Tweet that picture straight from your iPhone without logging in, now that’s amazing and deep integration.

All New Mail Client:

As Apple did it in Mac OSX Lion, they did the same in iOS 5, all new mail clients with tons of new features. The App now supports draggable addresses, as well as the ability to flag messages and search them and dictionary lookup, by tapping on a word and selecting “Define”.


Now this is the service which is really impressive, it’s data based messaging service more like RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger. It lets you send text messages, photos, videos and even have group conversations, similarly to any other messaging client. This application is also a great new example of how Notifications Center, since this App interacts beautifully with it.

No More Computer:

We seriously hated it, whenever you buy an Apple product you always needed to connect it to iTunes for update first. Guess what? No more computer required for Apple products to start working, all we told you before now all updates will be automatically downloaded to your device over-the-air. There’s also a new set-up wizard for new devices, allowing them to be configured for the first time without the need for a desktop computer.


Developers version of iOS 5 is available for download, if you’re a developer and you want to test your apps and their behavior on new iOS5 you can download it from here. For normal users iO5 will be available by Fall of this year.


No jailbreak tool has been updated to support iOS5 as yest so it is highly recommended that you stay away from iOS if you’re a jailbreaker.

Hands-On Videos:

Here are some hands-on video of all new iOS 5:

We will keep you updated on iOS 5 and iOS5 jailbreak News!

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