April 24, 2014

iPhone 5 Will Be A Complete Design Change Suggests Case-Mate


Case-Mate a premium iOS Device case maker leaked upcoming iPhone 5 case which suggests a complete design change. This design is way different than iPhone 4, it was rumored that Apple won’t be changing anything in iPhone 5 and it would be more like iPhone 4 but these cases indicate  a completely new design. We’re not not talking about Chinese low-profile case maker here, Case-Mate is a premium American company.

All we’ve heard about iPhone 5 is that it’s going to thinner and it will sport a large display probably 4 inch. These cases also indicate that iPhone 5 would not be carrying a glass back panel but metallic back probably aluminum. Who know  aluminum better than Apple right, we’ve seen some remarkable uni-body engineering in products like MacBook Pro, iPad 2 and MacBook Air previously. iPhone 5 with metallic back was rumored back in  June/July but later the report drifted from outer look to internal design like iPhone 5 part leaks.

Case-Mate published these iPhone 5 cases on their website and took them after some time for obvious reasons. As i mentioned before these cases carry a lot of importance because Case-Mate is a premium top of line company. Case Mate isn’t working off leaked Chinese documents on which Chinese case maker started making their cases. Their stuff is top-shelf, sold at the Apple Store itself. A company with a profile like this would spend million and millions  of dollar in production of iPhone 5 cases and i’m sure that this million dollar investment is not based on just mere assumptions.

These cases suggests the same tapered design from the back. Another noticeable thing is Mute switch which has been moved to the right side of the device. However, there’s still no word from Cupertino Campus about iPhone 5′s launch date, and they’ve already delayed it 3 months.

This delay in iPhone 5 launch is because of 2 possible iPhones which are coming out this fall, iPhone 5 a completely new product and an iPhone 4S which would be an upgraded from of iPhone 4. Both these iPhones would be running Apple next-gen iOS, iOS 5. iOS 5 is in it’s beta testing process from past 4 months and 7 Beta versions of iOS 5 has been released till date. iOS 5 beta 8 is also expected on Friday and iOS 5 GM on 23rd September.

Most surprising thing is that Apple has still not announced their Fall Event date which should’ve been out by now. Anyhow, we should expect a word on this from Cupertino very soon.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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