April 18, 2014

Read Your Kindle Books On Your PC Mac And iPad With Kindle Cloud Reader


Kindle has silently launched a web-base app which allows you to read your kindle books from almost any device you want. Kindle Cloud Reader works on PC (Google Chrome Only), Mac -Safari and iPad.  You can read your Kindle Books anywhere you want, this web-based app is more like a slap on Apple App Store policies which required any in-app sales to go through Apple’s purchasing system.


Kindle Cloud Reader gives you an ultimate experience on your iPad it works like an App. You can easily switch back and forth between the store and your own library, works brilliantly.

Kindle Cloud Reader is live at http://read.amazon.com and you can go ahead and start reading your favorite book on the go. One of the best thing about this app is that your can save the book on your computer memory for offline reading. You don’t need an internet connection every time to read the book. It even utilizes the swipe left and right to move pages. If you use it with iCab, you can go fullscreen.

Apple has been really strict about their App Store Policies lately, new subscription rules from Apple prevent native iOS app publishers from selling content outside of Apple’s own in-app system. Which means, developer cannot sell something or link to other stores from an iOS App, it has to go through Apple System. Apple warned Amazon and asked them to remove Amazon Store link from their Kindle iOS App which they did. I think they’ve got something better now something far from Apple’s law.  Kindle Cloud Reader for the iPad now has this web-based option that does directly integrate with their sales system.


We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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