April 18, 2014

Recover Lost Photos From iPhone Camera Roll After Updating To iOS 5 Or Above


4.11.08 Baseband is not the only issue which iOS 5 brought with itself, a lot of people complained about loosing their photos from iPhone 4′s Camera Roll after updating to iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1. These mysteriously lost photos won’t show up even after Syncing your iPhone with iTunes, technically speaking these photos are still lying in your iPhone but they’re just not loading either because of software update or new iCloud Photo Stream feature. But there is a way around, you can get all your lost photos from Camera Roll which you lost during iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware update.

If these photos exist on your device and you’re just unable to view them in your iPhone then this guide will help you get them back. BUT the condition is they should exist in your iPhone’s memory, in order to check whether these photos exist in your iPhone or not follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch to your computer and launch iTunes

Step 2: Click on your iPhone or iPod Touch visible in left sidebar of iTunes

Step 3: Now you will see your iPhone or iPod Touch’s device summary

Step 4: Check whether Photos have consumed some space or not, if they have then you’re good to proceed ahead but if they’re not then unfortunately you can’t get them back on your iOS device.

Recover Lost Photos From iPhone Camera Roll  After iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 Update:

Things you will need during this process: 

Step 1: Download and install iExplorer on your Windows or Mac

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to computer and launch iExplorer

Step 3:  iExplorer will automatically detect your device and open a Windows Explorer-like view displaying all files and folders.

Step 4: Now let’s locate missing photos in your iOS device , go to Media/DCIM/xyzAPPLE directory (where xyz are numbers). Copy them to your desktop (drag and drop will work) as a secondary backup.

Important: If you cannot see your lost pictures in these directories, unfortunately they cannot be recovered.

Step 5: (If you’re a jailbreaker skip to Step 6) Delete the following four files but before you do that we strongly recommend that you take a back-up of these files.


Note: The file PhotosAux.sqlite may or may not be available on every device. It is generated if you’ve activated places feature for your camera.

Some users may not locate /DCIM/.MISC/Info.plist file. You can skip this file  and follow rest of the guide. It will still recover your photos.

Step 6: Now for jailbreakers, if your device is jailbroken, iExplorer will take you in ‘root’ view.  Delete the following four files, again we recommend taking a back-up before you proceed.


Step 7: Disconnect your device from computer and Reboot it.

And that’s it you should see your pictures in your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Camera Roll. If you face any problem during this process you can contact us.

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