April 21, 2014

Sprint iPhone 5 Early October Launch [More Clues]


More clues regarding Sprint iPhone 5 release date surface today, SprintFeed posted a spy shot of Sprint internal system showing a blackout. Nature of this blackout is still not confirmed but the picture says that there would be a black starting from September 30th to October 15.

These leaked blackout dates dates perfectly fall in line with previous reports of Sprint getting iPhone 5 in early October. Another report claimed that Apple would preview iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 and iCloud on September 30th and will launch it on October 7th.

This picture also suggests that this blackout is regarding a “phone launch” which further indicates that  Sprint iPhone 5 release date is definitely in early days of October.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

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via [SprintFeed]

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