April 18, 2014

T-Mobile To Offer Additional Support For iPhone Users On Their Network


T-Mobile is the only renowned carrier in US which is still deprived of getting one of the best smartphones in this world on their smartphone list. But there are over a million T-Mobile subscribers who are using unlocked iPhones on the network. TmoNews is now reporting that T-Mobile will offer some additional support for their one million iPhone users. Though this won’t be a “complete” support for iPhone users but still it will suffice.

This additional support program will be initiated from 30th of January and users who have iPhone and they’re on T-Mobile would be able to get following support for their iPhone:

  • Common procedures
  • Information about feature and specifications
  • Other basic device questions

This is very limited support but it’s good that T-Mobile introduces some additional services for their one million above iPhone users. Last year T-Mobile introduced micro-sim cards specifically for iPhone customers. So I believe it’s the most a carrier can do for a phone which they don’t sell. Before the launch of iPhone 4S there were some rumors that T-Mobile would also be getting Apple’s 5th Gen iPhone but those rumors were debunked. iPhone users are limited to T-Mobile’s slower EDGE network due to the iPhone’s incompatibility with the 1700/2100 MHz bands used by the carrier for its faster data networks.

T-Mobile is very positive that Apple’s next gen iPhone would be compatible with carrier’s Advanced Wireless Spectrum. It would be little too early to say anything about iPhone 5′s availability on T-Mobile later this year but I personally don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be on T-Mobile.

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