April 17, 2014

This Glowing iOS Device Charging Cable Is The Most Amazing Unnecessary Thing


And just when you thought you almost had every iOS device related geeky things in your room you see a glowing iOS device charging cable. Well most of you may call it unnecessary or just a bunch of glowing LEDs but it way more than your ordinary iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad charging cable. It looks so amazing that you just cannot resist yourself from buying one of these. But there are other amazing things about these cables which makes them more crazy-ish. 

This glowing iOS device charging cable was first spotted during CES 2012 held in Las Vegas earlier in January.  But they lost attention in the middle of other new gadgets which were being show cased at the largest tech gadget show down. Whenever you charge your iOS device with one of these cables it will actually glow and not just a standard glow it will be an animated glow. In case you’re wondering how this works, manufacturers have used electroluminescent technology to “visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable.”

Now that’s pretty cool but that’s not all of it, these lights change their speed based on the capacity of your iOS device battery. If your battery is almost empty and you connect it with electroluminescent cable you will notice that lights on cable would move faster and when your iOS device’s charging is almost complete these lights will slow down. After complete charging of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad these lights will stop moving which will indicate that charging is complete and you can disconnect your iOS device now.

Most of you may pin point a lot of issues and concerns about these glowing lights and the most common would be “More like another annoying little light to keep me up at night -_-“. But this is the most amazing unnecessary iOS charging cable I’ve ever seen. I definitely want to buy one for myself

Would you buy one of these animated charging cables for your iOS devices?

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