April 21, 2014

Use Siri Proxy Server To Create Custom Handlers [Video] [Guide]


Couple of days ago some developers over Applidium cracked the Siri protocol to edit and use this feature the way they wanted. Folks over Applidium also released some tools which allowed developers to have deep look at how exactly Siri worked. Now extending the functionality of those tools a developer named “plamoni” has created “Siri Proxy” project.

Well as the name suggests this is a simple Siri Proxy server which allows you to add custom handlers which can be used to perform multiple tasks which normal Siri can’t do. Let’s say you want Siri to drop your room temperature, you can’t do that on stock version of Siri but with the help of Siri Proxy you can create custom commands and in this case not only Siri will tell you the temperature of your house but Siri will also adjust it for you. Now this is amazing work.

Developer behind Siri Proxy demoed his tool in a video, and he did the exact same thing  mentioned above, he controlled his home thermostat using Siri on his iPhone 4S.  Siri in collaboration with his Siri Proxy server understands some basic custom commands like ”What’s the status of the thermostat?”, or “Set the thermostat to 68 degrees”, or even “What’s the inside temperature?”

Here’s the video:

Siri Proxy is an open source project and all the required files to make it run are available on GitHub. There is one more thing, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S to make it all happen. Yes, Plamoni mentioned it clearly on GitHub that this procedure can be completed without jailbreaking your iPhone 4S.

He said:

I’m the creator of this particular hack, and I can assure you, it doesn’t require the iPhone to be jailbroken. My iPhone 4S is not jailbroken. The only action I needed to take on my iPhone was to install my fake Root CA. Which you can do without jailbreaking. Everything else is done outside of the phone, so it requires no jailbreaking or code to be placed on the phone itself.

How To Use Siri Proxy Server: 

According to developer of Siri Proxy,  right now this process is a little complicated and it is recommended that only developer should test it. But he promises to provide a very easy solution in near future. If you’re a developer and you want to test it, you can download required files from here and follow the procedure mentioned on GitHub.

Siri was launched as a major feature in iPhone 4S earlier last month and it is still in it’s beta phase. Remember that there are no Siri APIs available for developer to create iPhone Apps which can use Siri but this project gives a lot of hope to developer. This will allow developer to test a lot custom commands of their own and believe me SKY IS THE LIMIT. I’m sure that there will be more development in this project and we will see some really cool stuff very soon.

We will, keep you update on this, stay tuned!

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