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XRY Is Not The Only Software Which Can Crack Your iPhone’s Passcode

Earlier today Andy Greenberg of Forbes reported something which shook the tech world, iOS which is considered as the most secure mobile operating system in the world can be hacked in less than 10 minutes. Greenberg reported about a Swedish security company and their in-house software called XRY which can be used to extract your personal and most valuable information from your iPhone even if it’s passcode protected. This Swedish security firm sells their XRY software to FBI, Police departments and other investigative authorities. This is exactly how these authorities access your iPhone without your interference but interestingly this is not the only software available in market which can crack your passcode. 

Before we discuss other ways of cracking iPhone’s passcode we will discuss how XRY works. Apparently XRY relies on DFU exploit as well, I’m not sure how exactly this exploit works looking at the video which is posted below I’m convinced that it works on infamous DFU exploit. XRY can extract almost every single detail from iPhone, the list is long but for starters here something which anyone can extract from your iPhone:

  • Call Logs
  • SMS/MMS Log
  • Locations
  • Passcode
  • Keystrokes

This is alarming, there is an official iPhone tracking and remote data wiping app from Apple but it rarely works so I personally recommend all iPhone users to keep their iPhones safe. Now coming back to hacking iPhone’s passcode, XRY is not the only software which can crack your iPhones passcode. Couple of weeks ago we reported about a free software by the name of Gecko iPhone Toolkit. You can also call Gecko a rough version of XRY, the only difference is that Gecko iPhone toolkit has limited features and it’s free while XRY is packed with tons of features and must be expensive.

Here’s a video of Gecko iPhone Toolkit which explains the working of this tool:

So there’s no question on the availability of free iPhone passcode cracking tools. They are out and people are using them and to be honest I believe there’s very little what Apple can do about it in fact they can’t do anything about it. As you can see in both videos that these tools use hardware exploits which can only be fixed if Apple releases revised hardware which is highly unlikely in this case.

So it’s nothing new it has been around from quite some time, the one any only way you can keep you data secure is to keep it away from your phone if possible or keep your iPhone safe.

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  1. Mark
    25 mos ago

    XRY is $8,000+ for a license. and that is old version :( (.. !!
    thankfull this version gecko tool work for me on my iphone 4 and for free! :P

  2. 19 mos, 2 wks ago

    This is scary, but Im sure Apple will fix this exploit

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